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Hip-hop has been universally relevant for over twenty-five years and the potency has ignited multiple platforms to channel its collective voice through music videos, print magazines, online and multimedia outlets. Vegas Style Publishing is preparing to capitalize on these platforms by launching two entities: The Hip-hop Business Journal (HHBJ) and Video Star Magazine (VSM) through their parent company Vegas Style Entertainment & Sports Marketing. Queen Latifah graces the cover of Hip Hop Business Journal's very first issue and newcomer Bianca Shadai the winner of a nation wide search will grace the cover of Video Star's premiere issue. "The Hip-hop Business Journal will fill a void for many Generation X and Y enthusiasts of the culture who are interested in aspects of hip hop that transcends the traditional music and fashion topics that saturate current Hip-hop offerings. To accomplish this, HHBJ will focus on the business aspect of the culture and the impact it has worldwide by highlighting topics centered on the value of education, wealth management and entrepreneurship," explains Kate Ferguson. Video Star Magazine will concentrate on the music video, television and film capture the essence of today's hottest faces that yearns to become the next actress and models conquering the entertainment and fashion industry.

This new interactive community will benefit from this complete directory. Video Star is set to become the largest online entertainment directory in the nation, on a test launch it received over 1 million hits in a month's time and 157,000 were unique visitors aspiring to be the entertainment and fashion industries. "You have a generation that has grown up watching videos. We are just showcasing one example of how Hip Hop and music in general has helped create another income-generating industry," says Publisher Vincent Carroll. "Video Star Magazine explores all of the sides of the business from production, to the procurement of models and most importantly, invaluable insight on how to break into the business." Distribution will have a rollout in the top 18 markets across the United States. The online distribution component will be simultaneously launched worldwide through Marshall Media, a company that has the technology to stream in high definition to over 800 million Windows Media users. "We are excited to join forces with Vegas Style Entertainment in offering our services in what we believe will make history on a number of different levels," Charlie Marshall, CEO Marshall Media. "You can expect our team of quality professionals to perform at the highest level possible and present to the world a streaming media solution second to none. Streaming full screen HD over the public Internet with exceptionally low bandwidth requirements has eluded the telecom industry for many years however, Marshall Media Inc. has a platform that has solved this issue and we look forward to sharing our technology with you and your company. Rarely does one get to witness history in the making. This merger will set the example for how future generations will access media on a global scale," he adds.

The formula for the magazines is confirmation that change is integral for the future of hip-hop's extending growth. Readers of both publications can expect hard-core features, thought-provoking editorials and personality profiles from some of today's biggest movers and shakers. In addition, industry tastemakers can take advantage of the many resources and information both magazines offer the hip-hop community.

 Vincent Carroll - Publisher

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